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First Church in Havana
The first parochial church of San Cristobal of Havana was located near the first public square of the City. It was a hut as most of the houses of the Village.

This modest church continued in the same place until 1550. Then the Town Council agreed the construction of a church made of stone and tiles with a budget of 786 gold coins in the place that is today the City Museum.

On July 1st, 1555 the French pirate Jacques Sores set in fire and looted the City, just the walls of the church, the hospital and Juan Roja’s house survived. Five (5) years later, the people was still without church.

In 1575, the Governor and the Town Council ask the King for help to rebuild the church, the tribune and the tower. Nothing happen until one Century after that when the Bishop Juan De Santos Matias, with the help of the alms of the people, reconstruct and enlarges the church that takes the name of Parochial Mayor.

Another disaster, the fire of the ship “El Invencible (invincible)” that turned the church in ruins. In 1777, the Parroquial Mayor passed to the Church of the “Padres Jesuitas”, that was proclaimed Cathedral of Havana at the end of 1793.
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