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Higher bodies of people´s power
The National Assembly of the Popular Power, 1976, is the supreme organ of the State as representative and expression of the people’s will.
This is the only organ in the country with constituent and legislative power. The State Council and the President is elected from its deputies.
The Delegate Assemblies of the Popular Power, which are constituted in each of our municipalities, are the maximum local organs of the State Power according to the Republic’s Constitution. The State Council is the Organ of the National Assembly of the Popular Power, which represents it between one and other session period, executes its agreements and accomplishes its other functions expressed in the Constitution. The President of the State Council is Chief of State and Government. That is why the Cuban President has to pass through two elections: first, he has to be elected as Deputy by the people through free, direct and secret vote, and after that, he has to be elected by the Deputies also through free, direct and secret vote.
The Minister Council is the maximum executive and managing organ of Cuba and constitutes the Republic’s Government. It is formed by the Chief of the State and Government, that is its President, by the first Vice President of the State Council, by the Vice President of the same organ, and the Ministers and Presidents of the akin organisms.
The National Defense Council is constituted and prepared during peacetime to lead the country in conditions of a state of war, during a war, a general mobilization or a state of emergency. The law regulates its organization and activities.
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