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About Electoral Districts and the Electoral Registry
What is the Electoral District? The electoral district is the base, the basic cell, of the Peoples' Power system. It is a territorial division within the municipality. How is the number of electoral districts per municipality decided? The number of electoral districts in a municipality... more
About the Electoral Process
How is the transparency of the electoral process guaranteed? Measures guaranteeing the transparency of the electoral are various and effective; some of them are: All matters relating to the Electoral Register, especially the automatic inclusion of electors, publication of the Register in public... more
About the candidates’ electoral campaigns
How do electoral campaigns take place? Candidate may not carry out any activity promoting their candidacy since this is the exclusive function of the electoral commissions. What do electoral campaigns include? The electoral campaign possesses a profound ethical, civic and educational content,... more
About the Electoral Colleges
How are Electoral Colleges created? In each electoral district, depending upon the number of electors, as many Electoral Colleges as necessary are created. Care is taken to have them close to the electors’ residences and to include, as maximum, 350 electors. What are the components of... more
About Counting the Ballots
When does the voting process conclude? At six p.m. (6), the President or another member of the Electoral College appointed for that purpose, writes down the names of the persons still waiting to exercise their right to vote, and these are allowed to vote. After the last ballot has been... more
On the subject of voting and the right to be elected
What are voting requirements? Minimum of 16 years of age. Permanent Resident in the country for at least two (2) years prior to elections and be registered in the Municipal Electors Registry and on the list corresponding to the electoral district for the place of permanent residence; or on the... more
On the subject of elections being announced
Who announces elections? The Council of State is the body authorized to announce elections. Who organizes and directs the electoral process? National. Provincial, Municipal and District Electoral Commissions, and in certain cases Special Commissions, are created to organize, direct and... more
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