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The National Assembly of People's Power
The National Assembly of People's Power is the supreme body of state power and represents and expresses the sovereign will of all the people. The National Assembly of People's Power is the only body in the Republic invested with constituent and legislative authority. The National Assembly of... more
The Council of State
The Council of State is the body of the National Assembly of People's Power that represents it in the period between sessions, puts its resolutions into effect and complies with all the other duties assigned by the Constitution. It is collegiate and for national and international purposes it is... more
The Council of Ministres
The Council of Ministers is the highest ranking executive and administrative body and constitutes the government of the Republic. The number, denomination and functions of the ministries and central agencies making up the Council of Ministers are determined by law. The Council of Ministers is... more
The National Defense Council
The National Defense Council is constituted and prepared during peacetime to lead the country in conditions of a state of war, during a war, a general mobilization or a state of emergency. The law regulates its organization and activities.
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