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Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)
The Communist Party is fed from the organized vanguard of the people. It is the leading power of the Cuban society and State. It organizes and guides the common efforts towards socialism construction. It continues the work of the First Marxist Party founded by Mella and Baliño in 1925.
Young Communist League (UJC)
Organization of the youth, pit and reservation of the PCC. It is responsible for forming young people. It works with the young mass organizations and with the kids through the Pioneer Union of Cuba to contribute to the new generation instruction as socialism builders.
Workers Union of Cuba (CTC)
Syndicate of the people that groups a potential force with million of affiliate workers; men and women.
Revolution Defense Committees (CDR)
They work permanently in the mass patriotic education. It has been an effective mobilization instrument to face the economical, cultural and social tasks of the community.
Cuban Women Federation (FMC)
It was formed on the basis of the UNION of all the revolutionary female organizations. It have had an active participation to eliminate prejudices and to achieve woman equality and emancipation.
University Student Federation (FEU)
It was founded by Julio Antonio Mella. It is formed by thousand university students all around the country. It represents the Cuban students, it directs their doubts and promotes their member common interests.
Pre-university Student Federation (FEEM)
It groups million of pre-university students. It stimulates its members to make efforts to reach better academic results and and it worries about its member interests and doubts.
Pioneers Union of Cuba, now a days José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM)
It works with the young mass organization and with kids to contribute to the new generation instruction as socialism builders.
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