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The Cuban Trova is descendant and heir of an universal tradition that was born in the XI Century when in the South of France, poets and musicians flourished.

In Cuba, it was born in the Oriental zone of the country, in Santiago de Cuba, where Jose Sanchez – Pepe – became the father of the Cuban Trova and the first professors of the great Trova singers, specially Sindo Garay.

Since that moment the Cuban Trova gathers so many names that we would need a lot of pages to name them all. Until the 70’s of the XX Century, the Cuban Trova was that same of Pepe Sanchez’s and then, it entered in a deadlock stage at a time when some new rhythms and genres were born in the Cuban popular music.

In the 60’s the Trova was born again and revitalized with the New Song Movement (New Trova) leaded by Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez, Noel Nicola, Vicente Feliu, Sara Gonzalez and other young creators.

The truth is that it is just one musical phenomenon, it is a singular style or way of creating and singing songs, with a guitar as faithful friend.
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