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Cuban people
Sugar is white, brown and mid brown, same as Cubans. Havana City is a universal place with its rumbas, carnivals and parties. It is the mythological bridge between real and unreal. There are more than 11 million inhabitants in Cuba. We are a mixture of different cultures and races. We are not Spanish or Africans, but just Cubans.

Cubans are imaginative, gay, without prejudices. We have “that”, we are intelligent, joker, always smiling; we like parties, we are communicative and talkative, welcoming, honorable, educated, open to the world, always wanting to know the new things, faithful to our historical experience and identity, without xenophobia. We dance, walk and sing, we sing deep to the rhythm of the drums, we also created melodies that have travelled all over the world.
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La cultura cubana. Editorial SI-MAR S.A, La Habana.
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