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The Cuban Dressing Gown
Its origin comes from the XIX Century. It is a mixture between the rich lady bed-time dress (which once they gave it to their female servants, they ornamented them and went out with them to show their landlady kindness) and ballerina and Spanish singer’s suits. Both dresses had similar structure... more
The Guayabera
Some changes here, some surgery there, but it is still the one and willing to complete with Methuselah longevity. It is discussed among Panamanian, Mexican, Philippines, and Cubans. In Cuba the paternity is given to a Spanish immigrant. In Sancti Spiritus, they have all the details about the... more
The Wide-Brimmed Hat
The peasants wide-brimmed hat, used by Cuban peasants to cover from the sun light, has long wings, it is fresh, light, cheap and easy to be made. The mambises also wore it in the forest with one difference; the front wing turned up and a Cuban flag on the middle of it. more
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