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National Tree
The Royal Palm Tree, scientifically called Roystonea Regia O.F. Cook, is well known by the Cubans as the queen of the countries, due to the majestic of its structure, its peculiar size, how useful it is, and because there is a great amount of it in the island. It is an erectus tree, of great height, crowned by a beautiful green panache.

There are known about twelve species, distributed in the south of Florida and in the Islands from the West Indies until Venezuela. The royal one is only a kind among the 70 species of the palms that beautify the Cuban scenery. In addition, we can count about 20 subspecies. We can tell tha Cuba has more than a hundred native palm trees, from which more than the 90% are originally from Cuba. The palm trees blossom and its fruits grow the whole year.
National Tree
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