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The Cuban fauna has inherent characteristics, because of its origin and evolution and status of the archipelago. With the presence of large processes of adaptive radiation, the existing groups have been extraordinarily diversified, to the extent that there are groups of animals, related to each other, that can even have different habitats and use different environmental resources, and there is a strong endemism throughout the territory. From the Cuban fauna we know of 42 species of mammals, 350 of birds, 121 of reptiles, 46 of amphibians, 2 947 of mollusks, 7 493 of insects and 1 300 of arachnids, none of them are poisonous for man.

In Cuba, there are very peculiar species like the smallest frog of the world (Eleuterodactylus iberia), the butterfly bat (Natalus lepidus), one of the smallest of the planet, and the Zunzun (Mellisuga helenae), from the species of hummingbirds, with only 7 centimeters, is know as the smallest bird in the world; as well as different species from the Polymita genre, considered as the most beautiful earthly mollusks.

Species like the rombifer crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) , one of the most primitive ones of the world. The almique, a giant among the insectivorous mammals that live in the planet, and the manjuari are considered living fossils. In our country, we have the National System for the Environment and the Natural Resources for Specie Conservation.
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Revista Flora y Fauna (Publicación de la Empresa Nacional para la Protección del Medio Ambiente)
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