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Tropical Storms
The cyclone or hurricane period in Cuba is from June 1st to November 30th. At the beginning of the season, they are formed in the East of the Atlantic Ocean and the Antilles, and they represent relative danger for Cuba, but by the end of that period they are formed in the Occidental Caribbean Sea and they are very dangerous for Cuba.

The affection percentage for Cuba is 1 every 2 years. Most of them are low intensity hurricanes, category 1, 53% of the cases, 28% of them are category 2 and 23% of great intensity are category 3, 4 or 5.

Havana city has been touched by 35% of the hurricanes that have crossed Cuba in the last 203 years.

There is now a days, a developed Prognostic System for any dangerous meteorological phenomena, as well as a Civil Defence System able to efficiently protect life of our citizens and visitors.

Some example of hurricanes that have battered Cuba.

No. Tropical Cyclone Date Amount of dead people Place of occurrence
1 The 5-day Hurricane October 1910 > 100 Western Region
2 The 1926 Hurricane October 1926 ~ 600 Havana and the Isle of Youth
3 The Santa Cruz del Sur Hurricane November 1932 ~ 3500 Camaguey
4 The 1944 Hurricane October 1944 ~ 300 Havana and the Isle of Youth
5 Flora Hurricane October 1963 ~ 2000 Eastern Region
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