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Jimaguayu Contitution
It was approved on September 16th, 1895, by the revolution delegates as Army Representatives. This Constitution resumes and goes beyond the experiences of the Guaimaro and Baragua Constitutions.It is structured in 24 sections. There are recognized two parallel power organs:

a) The Council of Government: Made up by one President, one Vice-President and 4 Secretaries.

b) General in Chief. The Council of Government has the faculty to legislate on specific subjects that relates the constitutional text, learns about the issues of the Domestic Order, Foreign Affairs and of Treasury, including the War subjects, although it does not intervene in the military issues, it is limited just to the fulfillment of high political ends.

The powers to the Council of Government are set in the constitutional text and the requirements for its integration, and the procedures to cover the vacants are also established there. It also establishes the powers of every member and determines that the functions of the Minister is incompatible with other positions of the Republic.

It also establishes the requirements to validate the agreements of the Council of Government. It recognizes the Executive Power of the President and determines what functions and powers he would develop and postulates the procedure to cover his vacant. It also set the functions of the Vice-President.

The General in Chief was given the full power to rule the military operations and to decide the campaign plan as well as the Army organization. There are not norms related to the civil rights in this constitutional text, there are just established the civic duty to serve the independence cause.

On the other hand, the conditions on which a Peace Treaty with Spain should be signed are set, and which procedure should be followed to its approval.

Some imposition norms are established to the estates and foreign properties depending on the recognition of belligerency of Cuba. It recognizes the independence from the Courts as well as Guaimaro Constitution, and made the Council of Government responsible of its organization and regulations.

The same Constitution declares a period of 2 year validity, and at he end of it, the Representative’s Assembly should have a meeting to learn about the steps of the Council of Government, to call to elections and to check the Constitutional Text if needed.
Jimaguayu Contitution
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