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1492 - 1851
1492: Christobal Colombus discovers the Isle of Cuba in his first voyage (October 27th)

1509: Sebastian de Ocampo makes the first complete trip around the Island and entitles Carenas the site that today is known as Havana Harbour.

1510: Sent by Diego Colon, the conqueror expedition of Diego Velazquez arrives to Cuba. The Indians commanded by the Indian Chieftain Hatuey fight againt the Spanish, but they are defeated.

1512: Velazquez settles the Village of Our Lady of Asuncion of Baracoa, first capital of the Island.

1515: The city of San Cristobal of Havana is founded in the south coast between the rivers Mayabeque and Batabano. Afterwards, in 1519, the city was put in its current position.

1560: Cuba becomes an strategic point for commercial distribution to Central America and the Antilles.

1607: Spain divides the government of the Island between Havana and Santiago.

1717-27: The settlement of tobacco monopoly gives cause to some vegueros’ insurrection that brought about death and executions.

1728: The University of Havana is founded.

1762: The English take Havana, remain some month in it before deliver it and settled freedom of commerce. Spain trades the Island for Florida.

1790: First moves towards independence.
1812: Slaves’ rebellion headed by Jose Antonio Aponte.Cuba send two deputies to the Cadiz Courts.

1821: Some conspirators are hounted, among them the poet José María Heredia.

1823: Fernando VII imposes his dominum of absolute power again in Spain. Opposition between natives and Spanish increases in Cuba.

1850: Narciso Lopez takes Cardenas but fails and has to return to the starting point. The flag of the solitary star for the first time.

1851: Fails the raising of José Joaquín Aguero, all the leaders are terminated (October 12th). Narciso López returns to Cuba, made some fights, is caught and executed by the spanish.

1492 - 1851
1492 - 1851
1492 - 1851
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