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This province, located in the southeast of the Island, offers a spectacular nature, a combination between mountains and sea and a rich historical tradition. Bayamo, the main city of the province, is one of the first villages that the Spanish founded on the XVI Century, and it was burned by its inhabitants in 1869 for the Spanish colonial troops did not occupy it. This city is the National Anthem place of birth.

In 1608 the Bishop of Cuba, Juan de las Cabezas de Altamirano was kidnapped in Bayamo by the French pirate Gilberto Giron who asked a high ransom for him. The people of Bayamo did not accepted that and instead, they attacked, rescue him and killed the pirate. This situation inspired the first poem that was written in Cuba “Espejo de Paciencia”.

On December, 1956 the Granma Yatch disembarked on Las Coloradas Beach, and initiated the final stage of the fight for independence that ended with the Revolution triumph in 1959. In the mountains of the province is the 40% of the history of our country.

There is the huge prairie of the Cauto river, the largest of the country, and the mountain system of Maestra Sierra, where the highest peak of Cuba is located, Turquino Peak with 1974 meters over the sea level.

The climate is a mixture between hot temperatures in the plains and cold in the mountains, with exuberant vegetation and lots of springs, together with the hunting landmark of Viramas and Marea del Portillo, the special black sand beach. There is a great diving center in this area, Albacora, where the visitors can get initiation courses, immersions in coral formations and in submerged ships. They also have the chance of trips in aqua bikes, catamaran, and kayaks.
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