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Isla de la Juventud
The Evangelist, the first name given by Christopher Columbus to this Isle, was the place where corsairs and pirates made their wrongdoing, until the Revolution Triumph in 1959. Know as The Pine Isle until 1975, when is received its current name after thousand of young people that studied and developed them selves there.

The isle has a beautiful sea soil with virgin coral formations of diverse species and caves, all perfect for diving in the Colon Center that has grate offers with day and night immersions, sub marine picture and a Marina with dock facilities for 15 vessels with services of water, electric power, fuel and others.

Its beaches and compact jungles with stony grounds, palm trees and sulfurous water springs very much appreciated by the visitors.

Concerning history, and for the history lovers, the Farm Museum El Abra, declared National Monument, treasures samples of the time Jose Marti stayed there, as well as some of his personal objects. In the same condition is the sadly famous Model Prison, one of a kind in Latin America. In its jails, Cuba independence fighters spent much time, among them Fidel Castro Ruz and other young who took Moncada Headquarters in 1953.

The attractive black sand beach Bibijagua, the Sucu Sucu typical dance and the well known cave system of Punta del Este beach, declared National Monument, are great options for those who want to live interesting experiences.
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