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This province is located in the Oriental part of Cuba; with a territory of 9300 square kilometer long and a population of 1 ½ million and wide possibilities to develop tourism, rest and entertainment. Christopher Columbus, our founder, got to Cuba for the first time on October, 1492, and disembarked in Bariay, in the North coast of Holguin, an d he said “this is the most beautiful land that human eyes could ever see”, due to its colorful and varied vegetation, its warm climate and the beauty of its coasts. About 14 important cities are located in the province. Among them, we can highlight Banes, archaeological capital of Cuba, Mayari and Moa, mine centers rich in nickel and chromium deposits, in addition to Gibara, also called White Village.

One of the most famous beaches of the province, Guardalavaca, offers an exuberant coral formation, interesting cliffs and a curious vegetation. For the navigation lovers, the Marina Gaviota Bahia de Naranjo, provide dock possibilities for nine vessels with services of water, electric power, security, repair and maintenance, in addition to offers of catamaran and sailboats excursions and the attractions of an Aquarium with trained dolphins and sea wolfs. There are important diving centers like Easy Sport and the Guardalavaca Marina, and the tourist complement is in Saetia Cay, where the biggest hunting landmark of Cuba is located.

In the Archaeology Museum Chorro de Maita, there are lots of evidence of the aborigine culture, made of gold and of other materials. This place shows the unique sample of funeral habits of our first inhabitants, and there is an aborigine graveyard where there are 56 of the 108 skeletons that were found in that place, and there is also an idol in a bird head shape that represents God Inriri Cahababayael.
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