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Ciego de Ávila
This province is one of the most promising tourist destinies of Cuba due to the construction of a stony road from the province to "Cayo Guillermo" and "Cayo Coco".

"Cayo Coco", the fourth biggest islet of Cuba, has about 370 square km of land and 22 km of beaches, with a wide vegetation. The origin of the name comes from the bird called White Ibis, commonly know as Coco bird, which provides personality to the region due to its brilliant colors. It is expected to build an important tourist center of about 22 thousand rooms.

"Cayo Coco" joins "Cayo Guillermo" in 18 km, 5 of which are beaches like “El Pilar”, named after the ship of the famous North American writer Ernest Hemingway.

There is also a great infrastructure for nautical activities, where the Coco-Guillermo and Jucaro Marines provide 16 moorings for ships, together with the necessary facilities to get water, oil, electric power, protection and programs to ensure life on board and diving practice. This last activity can be practiced in the diving centers Abalone, Action Sport and Coco Diving Center with an offer that includes day and night immersions in coral formations and caves and spectacular shark show in the first of this facilities. The Marlin Coco Cay Marina gives the chance of an integral offer with its yacht and catamaran trips, some of which have glass button to watch the sea soils. In addition, the visitor has the chance of getting into aqua bikes to enjoy the beaches and the sceneries.

Beyond the islet systems that are around the Province, Ciego de Avila counts on a strong potential in the sugar cane industry and on a rooted culture, part of which can be appreciated in the Moron Municipal Museum where there are more than 1600 aborigine archeological pieces that were found in 1947 near of what is now Moron City.

Ciego de Avila is a great place to rest and forget the noisy environment of the big cities.
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