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Santiago de Cuba
This Oriental province was founded in 1514 by the Spanish conquerors and it was the first Capital of the Island. Now a days it is one of the most important tourist poles of Cuba. In 1522 it received the title of “City” and all through the XVI and XVII Centuries it was constantly attacked by corsairs and pirates which made the authorities to build a lot of fortresses to defend from them.

As example of that we have San Pedro de la Roca Castle, declared Mankind Patrimony by UNESCO, built between 1638 and 1643 by the famous Italian engineer Juan Bautista Antonelly. The Piracy Museum is in this fortress.

Santiago de Cuba, surrounded by the mountain group “Sierra Maestra” is a city of Lomas and slanting streets with a rich history always linked to the independence fights.
It gathers an African, Spanish and French heritage, which defined the race and personality of its citizens. The cosmopolitan center is in the Cespedes Park, named after Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Father of Cuba. In this Park we can find the cathedral, the municipal Palace, the laddered street Padre Pico and Diego Velazquez house, considered to be the most ancient of the continent.

Baconao is a Biosphere Reservoir located between Maestra Sierra and the Caribbean Sea. We can find a dense vegetation in its 80 000 hectares, together with excellent beaches for diving. Baconao also after the cultural option of the Science Museum, an Aquarium and the prehistory Valley, which shows 200 stone sculptures in natural size that represent the fauna of the planet millions of years ago. For navigation lovers, Santiago de Cuba offers the Marlin Punta Gorda Marina, with capacity for 30 vessels with services of drinking water, power light, fuel, minor repair and crew renting together with fishing and yacht and catamaran excursions.

There are three diving centers in the province: Bucanero, Sigua and Sierramar, which offer initiation courses, day and night immersions in coral formations and caves as well as in the war ships from the Spanish Crew of the Admiral Cervera that were sunken hundred years ago.

Excellent tourist facilities and the permanent smile of its people assure a happy staying in Santiago de Cuba where a roasted pork meat accompanied y a cold beer will give you the welcome to the hottest place of Cuba. At the end of any Creole food or accompanying a conversation, the hot and exquisite cup of black coffee cannot fail.
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